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Single photo category

Category for single photos relating to the theme Food and Territory: iconography of an indissoluble relationship.

In this category, each competitor can submit a maximum of n. 3 photographs.

The photographs must be named with [surname - work title] for 1 photograph or [surname - numbering - work title] for sending a maximum of 3 photographs.

Single photo Category

The contest starts on October 10, 2021 and ends at midnight on April 15, 2022 (deadline for submitting photographs).

The theme of the competition is Food and Territory: iconography of an indissoluble relationship. A theme that explores the traditions, memory and culture of peoples through photographs that represent iconographic images of the relationship between food and territory. Images able to tell the food placed in relation with the Territory of which it is typical and with the Humanity that populates it.

In this category, each competitor can submit a maximum of n. 3 photographs.

The photographs must be named with surname-work title for 1 photograph or surname-numbering-work title for sending up to 3 photographs.


Photographers and amateurs who have reached the age of 18 on the date of call of the competition and who are resident both in Italy and abroad can participate in the competition.

Family members of the selected jurors and those who collaborate in organizing the initiative are excluded from the competition.

Works admitted and format

Published or unpublished works are admitted, even previously exhibited in other events, taken in the last 3 years and relevant to the theme.

To be considered suitable for online upload, the photographs must necessarily have the following characteristics:

  • .Jpg format;
  • RGB color method;
  • The files must be less than 6 MB each;
  • Dimensions: longest side not exceeding 2500 pixels;
  • Resolution: 300 dpi.

Both color and black and white photos are allowed. Post-production and photo editing are allowed at the author's discretion.

Each photograph must be accompanied by a brief description and an indication of the geographical location to which it refers.

Photos with signatures, watermarks, frames or marks visible on the image are not allowed.

Photos or images deemed offensive are not allowed, according to the sensitivity and unquestionable judgment of the jury.

All photographs submitted must have been photographed by the author who must, therefore, have full and original authorship and ownership. Photographic post-production interventions are accepted. Photographs or parts thereof made with the exclusive use of computer graphics programs or models are not permitted. Photomontages are not allowed, under penalty of exclusion from the competition.

By registering for the competition, competitors authorize the Anthipodi Cultural Association to publish the following personal data on its website: name, surname and city of residence.

Awards and ranking

The value of the prize pool is yet to be quantified.

All the finalist works will be exhibited during the collective exhibition and published in a photographic volume.

Finalists and winners will be notified within 7 working days of the decision by e-mail using the data indicated by the user at the time of registration. The finalists and winners must respond to the communication by sending a copy of their identity document necessary to prove that they meet the requirements for participation in the competition no later than 7 days after receiving the communication. Failure to comply within the deadline established therein and / or the case in which the finalist is not traceable will result in the forfeiture of the nomination of finalist and consequently of the possible awarding of the prize and the names identified by the jury in the ranking order established by the same will take over.

The prizes for the winners are as follows:

Single photo category winner

  • GAIA Photo Fest 2022 Trophy - Single photos
  • Guest of honor at "FESTA GAIA - Stories of Lands and Food": 2-night stay for 2 people on the occasion of the award ceremony
  • Guest at the gala dinner of "FESTA GAIA - Stories of Lands and Food"
  • Evidence in the collective exhibition of the winners and other works selected by the jury during "FESTA GAIA - Stories of Lands and Food"
  • Online publication and in photographic volume
  • Any Sponsor Prizes

Menzioni d’onore

Assigned at the discretion of the jury, among the most representative photos.

  • Diploma of Honorable Mention
  • Evidence in the collective exhibition of the winners and other works selected by the jury during "FESTA GAIA - Stories of Lands and Food"
  • Online publication and in photographic volume

The prizes offered by Partners and Sponsors are yet to be identified.

Diritti d’autore

Each author remains the owner of the copyright on the images; by accepting the competition rules, you declare that you own all the rights on the originals, on the digital acquisitions and on the elaborations of the photographs sent. By participating in the competition, the author grants the organizing Association the right to reproduce the images, awarded and admitted, in the catalog, in the photographic book, in other publications, on websites and on social profiles for the purpose of advertising the event or the dissemination of photography or to promote / advertise the activities of the association and / or the main sponsor

It also allows for the aforementioned purposes to use the photos for photographic exhibitions organized by the Anthipodi association, for this purpose a copy of the awarded photos, selected, exhibited and published remains in the availability of the Association itself.

All the material printed and collected during the event will be archived by the Anthipodi Cultural Association.

Liberatoria per l’utilizzo delle immagini

By submitting, and for each photograph sent, the user acknowledges and guarantees under his own exclusive responsibility that the photo sent is original, that he owns the intellectual property rights, author and exploitation, including economic, of the same and therefore to own all reproduction rights; it also guarantees that the photo is not protected by copyright or other third party rights and that it has acquired all image rights and / or other rights of third parties, in general, as portrayed from legitimate third parties.

The user also declares that any persons photographed in the shot have granted the release for the use of their image, thus relieving the Anthipodi Cultural Association in its entirety from any liability connected with the publication and / or use of this photograph, also pursuant to Legislative Decree 196/2003.

The competitor declares and guarantees that nothing sent is contrary to the law and therefore, by way of example and not exhaustive, that the content of the photograph is not obscene, defamatory, blasphemous, racist, child pornography or in violation of intellectual property rights. , industrial, moral rights, copyrights or rights to protect the personal data of third parties, publication rights and in general respect the provisions of the law on copyright 633/1941 and subsequent amendments and additions.

Furthermore, he declares to be responsible for the content of his own photograph, indemnifying and keeping the Cultural Association Anthipodi harmless from any connected claim and / or action, of any nature, of third parties and that he will be required to compensate the Anthipodi Cultural Association from any connected prejudicial consequence, including any legal costs, also of an out-of-court nature that the Anthipodi Cultural Association should suffer as a result of the violation of the above and of the publication / exhibition of the photograph.

By registering, the user declares that he or she renounces the possibility of requesting from the Anthipodi Cultural Association any compensation for image rights, photographic footage, footage transmitted via the web and through any other means of transmission and present and future technological support for participation in the event. award ceremony.

By participating in the competition, the author of the photograph grants the Anthipodi Cultural Association the right to publish and in any case use, in any way and without limitation, the photographs sent free of charge. This transfer is free of charge also in consideration of the promotional effect that falls on the photographs sent and on the author himself. Competitors waive their right to return photographs.

Data collection will take place in compliance with Legislative Decree 196/03. Although not indicated in the Rules and Regulations, the promoter refers to the provisions of the Presidential Decree 430 / 01.625.

Participation in the competition implies the express acceptance of the Rules and Regulations in all its parts.