After Chaos came Gaia. Yes, it seemed appropriate to call Gaia the Festival which intends to restore some order to the chaos of the pre-pandemic, when everything seemed destined for homologation. When someone or something existed only if it was well present and visible online.

Has Covid taught us anything? Perhaps. Certainly we have understood that there are no populations and nations of first division and second division, or that they can only compete in minor leagues. We began to understand that, to feel good, we must live well, respecting ourselves, others, nature and the places we live in, and we have seen nature regain possession of its spaces during the lockdown. We want to talk about the recovery of Identities, the enhancement of Traditions, the stories of Lands and Food, not to highlight differences but to remember that, as Claude Lévi-Strauss said, "The cuisine of a society is the language into which it unconsciously translates its structure"; food products, their production or search, their transformation: all this represents the history, culture, territories, ultimately the identity of peoples.

Festa Gaia - Stories of Lands and Food, promoted by the Cultural Association "Anthipodi" of Lecce, is the place in which to tell about food and its territories, societies and peoples, traditions and memory, culture ... ultimately the great "intangible cultural heritage", according to the UNESCO's definition.

A Festival that aims to promote the territorial identities of the whole world and to enhance their cultures and typicality through the narration of food and wine traditions and it does so also by promoting and enhancing the talent and quality of the works of national and international photographers to allow them a profitable exchange of experiences, direct confrontation with professionals in the sector and the expansion of skills, as well as to increase the possibility of being known by a wider audience.

Festa Gaia - Stories of Lands and Food will host the final exhibition of the Gaia Photo Fest, with the best photos and classified projects, and personal by established authors, book presentation, photographic workshops, portfolio readings and the award ceremony.